Why Pikashow?

Pikashow outshines its contemporaries due to many reasons. It primarily surpasses Content Fragmentation, a media distribution strategy due to which distinct content is available on different platforms. In simple terms, Pikashow has endless media content in one place, preventing you from relying on various streaming applications. 

Another reason that empowers Pikashow is that it is free, meaning you do not have to buy media content or subscribe to expensive plans. Moreover, the platform is ad-free, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows without annoying advertisement interruptions.

Easy Navigation

Simplistic user interface enables anyone to navigate the application and search for desired movies and shows.

The media content is well organized in categories based on genres, languages, and countries.

Massive Media Library

Countless movies, shows, documentaries, TV channels, and internet-based programs to make your streaming experience enjoyable and seamless.

Content is diverse, offering incredible shows from different countries and languages. So, no matter how often you visit Pikashow, something new will always await you. 

Chromecast Function

Watching your favorite movies or series on your smart TV makes the experience immersive and amusing.

For this reason, Pikashow offers a one-click Chromecast option that allows you to stream media content from your mobile, laptop, or tablet to your TV or speakers. You are sure to love this valuable feature! 


Pikashow is a language-inclusive platform offering media in popular languages such as English, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, and more.

Whether you want to access regional, national, or international content, you can be confident that you will find it all here.

High Video Quality

Pikashow displays all its media in the highest resolution to make the streaming experience rich and entertaining.

You can set it to 240p, 440p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

This feature is accessible to everyone free of cost, allowing you to adjust the graphic clarity seamlessly to your preferences. 

Instant Downloads

Users can enjoy unlimited downloads that only take a few seconds to minutes to complete.

It also has a built-in Download Manager that simplifies the process by offering insights. 

Multi-Format Support

Pikashow supports media content in various formats like HD, MP3, and MP4. This ensures maximum flexibility and compatibility with different devices.

Whether you want to watch a movie in high definition or listen to songs in a compressed format, you can do it all with Pikashow. It promises to meet all your diverse needs!

High-Class Audio System

Pikashow identifies the importance of a good sound system to add thrill and amusement to your binge-watching sessions.

Hence, it integrates high-quality built-in systems and also supports external sound players. You can easily change audio players and increase or decrease the volume with quick click and swipe options.

Additional Features of Pikashow

  • Anti-ban 
  • No root required 
  • Access to 1000+ Live streaming channels 
  • Ad-free 
  • Supports subtitles 
  • Seamless pausing and resuming
  • Compatible with Android, PC, and smart TV 
  •  High quality visuals
  • Dark Mode available 
  • Regular updates 
  • No subscriptions 
  • Customizable interface  
  • Supports popular media players like MX Player
  • Live Sports
  • Multi Language Support

#1 Free Entertainment Application

Pikashow Media Collection 


Pikashow has countless movies you can watch anytime without fees or restrictions.

These movies span genres such as drama, romance, thriller, tragedy, sci-fi, horror, and more.

OTT Content 

Pikashow has an enormous collection of series, shows, and documentaries. Multiple shows are added to the platform daily to keep it up-to-date.

Live TV Channels 

Pikashow gives you access to 500+ TV channels from multiple networks to stream your favorite shows in real-time.

Skeptical about Pikashow app?

Here’s What to Expect!


Pikashow has countless movies you can watch anytime without fees or restrictions. These movies span genres such as drama, romance, thriller, tragedy, sci-fi, horror, and more.

There are also no geographical or linguistic limitations, so you can easily watch movies from different nations, film industries, and languages. Pikashow currently supports English, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, German, Russian, Chinese, and French media (among others). 

Pikashow densely features movies from the following film industries. 

  • Hollywood (English)
  • Bollywood (Hindi, Urdu, and Marathi)
  • Tollywood (Telugu)
  • Lollywood (Urdu and Punjabi)
  • Cinema of South (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam)

OTT Content 

Pikashow has an enormous collection of series, shows, and documentaries. Multiple shows are added to the platform daily to keep it up-to-date. Whether you want to catch up on an old series or enjoy a new one, you will not miss out on anything with Pikashow. 

You can also enjoy free and direct access to numerous online streaming services using Pikashow. This allows you to indulge in diverse content and privileges usually offered at a hefty price by these platforms. 

Following are the OTT platforms you can access with Pikashow.

  • Netflix 
  • Hulu 
  • Voot 
  • ALT Balaji 
  • Ullu 
  • Amazon Prime Video 
  • Disney + Hotstar 

Live TV Channels 

Pikashow gives you access to 500+ TV channels from multiple networks to stream your favorite shows in real-time. These channels are free, so you do not have to spend money on monthly or annual plans to access them through local cable networks. This outstanding feature surpasses geographical limitations and territorial bans, enabling you to watch any show seamlessly. 

Here are some TV channels you can enjoy on Pikashow. 

  • Sony Max 
  • Sony Sab
  • Star Plus
  • Sun TV 
  • Star Maa
  • Goldmines 
  • Colors 

Live News 

Amongst the countless free live TV channels, Pikashow also includes several news channels you can access anytime to keep up with the latest happenings. Some of these channels include CNN News, CNBC, and NDTV Hindi. 

Live Sports 

Sports lovers can enjoy multiple channels to stream or binge-watch their favorite sports events on Pikashow. Some notable channels provided are Star Sports, Star Sports Select, Ten Sports, Fox Sports, and DD Sports. 

You can stream the following sports on Pikashow. 

  • Cricket
  • Kabbadi 
  • Badminton 
  • Hockey
  • WWE
  • Football 
  • Car racing 

Other Programs

Pikashow offers various on-demand programs to cater to the varying preferences of users. You can access multiple channels, such as National Geographic and History TV. Other internet-based programs are also available to watch fashion and business-related content. Additionally, you can access international content, all with easy navigation and a single click.

How to Download & Install Pikashow In 2024?

Pikashow is compatible with Android phones, PCs, and smart TVs. Follow the steps outlined below to download the application.

Remember that Pikashow is unavailable for download on the App Store; hence, you can only access it from third-party apps. 

Pikashow Download for Android 

Step 1: Click “Download Pikashow APK” on our page. This will initiate the APK download process, which may take a few minutes to complete. 

Step 2: Grant your device permission to install files from unknown sources as follows: 

  • Open the Settings app on your device. 
  • Tap Apps & Notifications
  • Locate Advanced and then click on Special app access
  • Click Install unknown apps
  • Select a medium (browser or file manager) for APK installation. 
  • Finally, click Allow from this source option. 

Step 3: You are now ready to install Pikashow on your device. Follow these steps to do it successfully. 

  • Open the File Manager app. 
  • Locate APKs or Installation Files tab. 
  • Type the name of the Pikashow APK file in the search bar. 
  • Click on the file, and a pop-up message will appear. Tap Install
  • Follow the instructions to finish the installation process. 

Step 4: You will now see the Pikashow icon on your device, similar to after you install a new app from the App Store. Click to open it, grant the required permissions, and begin using it. 

Pikashow Download for PC

Pikashow is primarily functional on Android devices; hence, installing it on a PC necessitates an emulator. We’ve used Bluestacks for the demonstration below. 

bluestacks download

Step 2: You will see a .exe/.dmg file from Bluestacks on your device.

download bluestacks

Click on it, and a “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” pop-up will be visible. Tap Yes

Step 3: This initiates the Bluestacks Installer. Click Install Now on the pop-up screen. Wait until all the packages get downloaded. 

Step 4: After successful installation, create an account on Bluestacks using your Google account. 

Step 5: Download the Pikashow APK file from our page. This will take a few minutes, and the file will be stored in a specific PC location. 

Step 6: Locate the folder in your PC where the Pikashow APK is downloaded and open it using Bluestacks. 

Step 7: The emulator will recognize the APK and grant installation access. Follow the instructions on the screen to successfully install Pikashow on your device. 

Step 8: Open Bluestacks and navigate to its Home Page to spot the Pikashow icon. You can start using the streaming app from here. 

Pikashow Download for Android TV 

Downloading Pikashow for an Android TV is possible. Ensure that your device has a browser and a File Manager. Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Open the browser supported by your smart TV and search our page. 

Step 2: Download the Pikashow APK file, which will be saved to your TV’s File Manager. 

Step 3: Open File Manager and locate Downloads. 

Step 4: Click on the Pikashow APK file to see a pop-up to Install the application. 

Step 5: After installing the app, you will see the icon on your smart TV. You can begin streaming your favorite shows and movies.

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Been using Pikashow on my Android TV, and it works perfectly!


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Watched the whole GOT on Pikashow – what a delightful experience!

Highly recommended!


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It was a little laggy, but the recent updates solved all the bugs!

Loving it!

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